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Indonesia + 62 361 282242                 Malaysia +60 16 511 8254  

Malaysia +60 10 2931547                    Hong Kong +852 94094299 

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Staying Healthy Abroad

Different countries present different health risks and so it's important to do your research before you move. A good place to start is to consult your local doctor to see what vaccinations are needed for the country you're moving to. In certain locations vaccinations are a requirement to enter and in others they come highly recommended. It's important to discuss with your doctor the health risks associated with the country you're moving too and are aware of some of the common health problems you could encounter. Being prepared before you leave you're home country can become crucial on the other side of your move. Alternatively, the World Health Organization can be an excellent research for researching your destination.

New Climates

Moving to a country with a different climate and weather conditions is important to be aware of. Respiratory illnesses in particular are very common among foreign visitors in a new country, partly due to the extra strain on the body while getting used to this new climate. Ensuring you're well hydrated and maintain a balanced diet at least for the first few months helps mitigate this, as well as ensuring you're prepared for weather conditions you'll experience.

Medical History

It's always a good idea to a request a copy of your medical history from your current doctor to take with you. In most countries, it's a legal requirement to give a copy of this when requested; in some cases an electronic copy will be given. If you take medication, get an extra supply and a copy of your prescription which you may be asked to show at customs or the airport. Bare in mind with medication that the name could be marketed differently abroad and so finding out the generic name is important. Furthermore, a visit to the dentist and optometrist is also a good idea.

On Arrival

Ensure you know the number of the emergency services in your new country of residence. If there is a language barrier, learning some basic words such as hospital, emergency, doctor will be useful. If you're moving straight into a home (as opposed to travelling) make sure you know where the nearest hospital is and review your health cover provides you with access. 

Expat health insurance

In some countries you will be eligible for treatment on the public system already in place, however, you may find the quality of care doesn't meet the standards you are used to, you can find a plan accordingly here. It is always highly recommended that you always have health insurance where you're moving to as the dangers are often higher or you do out of the ordinary activities! Not having cover is a huge money maker for many health care systems!

We at APAC have over 18 years experience of all the difficulties expats face when trying to ensure they have professional, highly rated healthcare services in their new location. We have an excellent working relationship with the majority of the world’s best insurance companies and use our expertise to work with the client in obtaining the best policy benefits and premium to suit their needs and budget.

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